Tax LOOPHOLES The Rich Don't Want You To Know -Robert Kiyosaki

Tax LOOPHOLES The Rich Don't Want You To Know -Robert Kiyosaki

IRA Deduction Tips: Keep your money in mostly low-risk stocks. This will be your nest egg and something you can always rely on for small, long-term earnings. You should also invest in a few risky stocks to get to know the market better and try your hand at making the right investment choices.

Years ago, my rich dad told me, “When it comes to taxes, the rich make the rules.” He also said, “If you want to be rich, you need to play by the rules of the rich.” The rules of money are skewed in favor of the rich, and against the working and middle classes. After all, someone has to pay taxes.

There are many ways that the rich make a lot of money and pay little to no money in taxes. On the flip side, the poor and middle-class toil away for their money, pay more in taxes the more they earn, and then park their earnings in savings and/or retirement accounts. In the meantime, they receive little or no cash flow on which to live while waiting for retirement — when they’ll live on their meager savings.

Doesn’t it make more sense to play by the rules of the rich, and earn more while paying less in taxes?

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